Sports & Entertainment

The Hotaling Group is a global leader in managing the specific risks of the entertainment and sporting industries. For athletes, entertainers, agents, teams, sponsors, promoters, venues, governing bodies (conferences / leagues), universities, and so much more, we offer solutions to the specific day-to-day exposures they face.

Insurance for Athletes

For many years, The Hotaling Group has been providing various products in response to the unique insurance needs associated with professional athletes.

We currently insure players in the National Hockey League, National Football League, National Basketball Association, and Major League Baseball. Additionally, we provide coverage to several high level amateur prospects, protecting their future earnings as a professional.

Our specialty products for the sports world focus on the following financial exposures:

• Career ending injuries/illnesses
• Key player injury/illness/death
• Catastrophic tem accident

We can also provide insurance for additional risks such as kidnapping, ransom, extortion, disfigurement and disgrace.

We can categorize their added risks into eight categories:

• Disability Insurance
• Event Cancellation Insurance
• Contractual Bonus Insurance
• Prize Indemnity Insurance
• Property & Casualty Insurance
• Health Benefits
• Weather Insurance
• Over-Redemption Insurance

Insurance for Entertainers

The Hotaling Group’s superior lines of insurance policies are designed for the entertainment, media and recreation industries, so that you obtain expansive coverage at a highly competitive price. The Hotaling Group Entertainment Division provides a range of specialized insurance, risk management services, and innovative risk solutions for a wide range of industries, such as ad agencies, arenas, concert halls, entertainers, sporting events and tournaments, venue promoters, talent agencies, producers, production agencies radio stations, and much much more.

We categorize the risks and exposures associated with the entertainment world into four areas:

• Event Cancellation Insurance
• Disability Insurance
• Property & Casualty Insurance
• Accidental Death Insurance